Koh Libre Sugar Cane & Lime






Koh Libre’s Sugar Cane & Lime is a functional energy drink – 100% pure and natural! We have heard many opinions about its taste, smell and looks and they all share the same word – “interesting”. And it really is! Enjoy Koh Libre Sugar Cane & Lime during long travels, before exams, in the gym and whenever you need an energy boost! 




Koh Libre Sugar Cane & Lime is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and minerals A, B and C. It is also abundant in antioxidants, soluble fibre and protein. It is the high glucose concentration that gives you the energy you need - in a 100% pure and natural way! Even better, the sugar within Koh Libre Sugar Cane & Lime is also fully natural and easily absorbed so it lets you gather energy without affecting your weight!


Drink me!



- Add 4-5 ice cubes


- Add a lime wedge


- Add 2-3 drops tabasco




- 2 slices of green chili pepper




  • Nutritional Facts Ingredients:100% young coconut water, not from concentrate
    Servig per package:1
    Serving size: 250ml
      Per 100ml   Per 100ml
    Energy 44kcal Sodium 30mg
    Protein 0g Potassium 250mg
    Fat, Total 0g Calcium 20mg
    - Saturated 0g Vitamin C 40mg
    -Trans 0g Iron 20mg
    Cholesterol 0g    
    Carbohydrate Total 11g    
    -Sugars 10g    
    Dietary Fibre 0g