About Koh Libre

Koh Libre is our way of expressing and sharing what we love. What was once a dream, became a reality in November 2013 with the first bottle of coconut water we created under the brand “Koh Libre”. Staying true to our values of offering a healthy and trendy alternative to mass-market products, while at the same time being 100% authentic, Koh Libre has always offered a personal touch.

We believe that every person is different and our products meet the need of allowing each of us express their own personality and individuality. That is why we craft products that people love.  

From creating a more sustainable business to ensuring excellence in every step we make, Koh Libre has grown together with its customers to establish itself as leader on the market. Today, the Koh Libre range includes a variety of refreshingly tasty Coconut water, Milks and Aloe Vera juices made from the purest sources of plants to ensure our products have the best taste.

We know excellence comes with responsibility. And we know people love what we do just as much as we do. This is why Koh Libre is here to make a difference - not only bringing the best taste in a bottle but an entire experience for body and soul.

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