Coconut water with pulp 250mlCoconut water with pulp 250ml

Coconut water with pulp 250ml

Everyone loves to feel unique in their own way. That's why Koh Libre created coconut water with pieces of real coconut. Fresh and new, the taste of coconut water with pieces of coconut delights both children and adults. Not to mention that it tastes great in a cocktail with a few cubs of ice and a slice of lemon!

Healthy is trendy!

Pure and 100% natural Koh Libre Coconut Water with Coconut pieces is as healthy as freshly opened green coconut. Our bottle ensures the preservation of all vitamins and minerals, which means that you get immediate hydration and strengthening of the immune system from the moment you drink it! Like coconut water, coconut pieces are low in calories, making Koh Libre Coconut Water with pulp the perfect option if you need to balance your metabolism or regulate your weight.
Want the full coconut package? Koh Libre Coconut water with pieces of coconut is probably the closest choice. Unless you're lying under a palm tree on the beach :).

#Drink me!

- 2 ice cubes
- Add a slice of lime or lemon
- Add Koh Libre Coconut Water


100% coconut water with pulp
Category: Coconut water


per 100 ml


 32 kcal


0 g


- of which saturated

- of which trans

0 g

0 g

0 g


0 g


- of which fruit sugar

8 g

7.5 g


0 g


30 mg


90 mg


20 mg

Vitamin C

20 mg


2 mg