Мango juiceМango juice

Mango Juice 1.25l

The new family package of 100% Mango Juice allows the whole family to enjoy the incredible taste of real mango. Extremely suitable for young and old, favorite to the whole family, without any added preservatives, mango juice delights nature. The special airtight closure of the bottle does not allow air to enter, which keeps it durable and fresh for a longer time.

Healthy is trendy!

The mango fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the world, not only for its sweet and pleasant taste, but also for many useful benefits for the body. 100% Mango juice with real pieces from the fruit contains vitamin C and A, as well as B6 and other B vitamins; it is rich in fibers, potassium and magnesium. It strengthens the immune system and is also good for the skin and eyes. The Koh Libre 100% Mango juice supports the digestive system and has anti-cancer effects.


100% Mango juice, not from concentrate !
Category: 100% Natural Juice


per 100 ml


42 kcal (175.72 kJ)


- of which sugars

10.5 g

10 g


0.05 g 

Vitamin C

4 mg


0 g