Aloe vera Natural 500ml

48% Koh Libre Aloe Vera is a high quality drink with a high percentage of juice (40%) and real pieces (8%) of Aloe Vera.
With reduced sugar content, healthy and with a great taste.

Healthy is trendy!

Aloe Vera is a healing plant with many health and beauty benefits. Also called the "plant of immortality", "medicinal herb" and "desert lily", the plant has therapeutic and healing properties that have stood the test of time. Rich in many minerals, vitamins (including B12), amino acids, enzymes and more.

Nutrition facts:

Filtered water, aloe vera juice (40%), aloe vera pulp (8%), sugar, sodium citrate, citric acid, Aloe Vera flavor (grape flavor 0.02%, passion fruit 0.003%), sodium benzoat (E211) <0.005%
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per 100 ml


32 kcal


- of which sugars

8 g

7.5 g




0 g


- of which saturated

0 g

0 g


0.075 g