Aloe Vera Passion fruit 300ml

46% Koh Libre Aloe Vera with Passion fruit flavor is a high quality drink with a high percentage of juice (38%) and real pieces (8%) of Aloe Vera. With reduced sugar content and in an innovative glass bottle, the useful advantages of the plant are preserved for a long time.

Healthy is trendy!

Aloe Vera enhances the processes of regeneration and increases the body's defenses. At the heart of this action is the activation of the enzyme and endocrine systems of the body. Therefore, it is believed that the plant has the potential to fight breast cancer.


Water, aloe vera juice (38%), aloe vera pulp (8%), sugar, lime juice (2%), citric acid, sodium citrate, Passion fruit flavor (0.06%)
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per 100 ml


 32 kcal (133.88kJ)


- of which saturated

0 g

0 g


- of which sugars

8 g

7.5 g


0 g


0.05 g