Кокосова вода 1.250мл.Кокосова вода 1.250мл.

Coconut water 1.25l

Coconut water is already known to everyone, all at an affordable price and no compromise on quality. Rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and over time useful for the whole body.
The benefits are many and the taste is unique. With few calories and high hydrating effect during the summer heats, coconut water deserves to be part of your menu.

Check for yourself.

Healthy is trendy!

Coconut juice is extracted from young coconut, keeps the body energized, the skin smooth and the metabolism in balance! Coconut juice has a natural content of fat and cholesterol. It is extracted from a specially selected variety of Vietnamese coconuts that have an interesting, slightly sweet taste. Ideal during sports, as an addition to cocktails or to your healthy shake.
100% natural, no added sugar, no colorants, no concentrate!


For a refreshing summer drink, add 2-3 ice cubes and a slice of lemon!


100% Coconut water
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per 100 ml


 22 kcal(163.17kJ)

Carbohydrate, Total

- of which sugars

5.5 g

5 g


0.06 g

Vitamin C

8 mg


0 mg

Fat, Total

- of which saturated

0 g

0 g


0 mg


85 mg


10 mg


3 mg